Events & Catering


The purpose of the Club is to provide facilities for use by members.  Outside (member sponsored) parties will be considered, contact the Director of Catering, Sandra Groseclose at 847/853-4703 or email to make arrangements regarding any party and to inquire about policies related to availability, contracts, deposits, room rental fees, etc. 

Note: Charges for all parties and events are billed to a member.

Member Party

A party, program, reception or any other event for or by a member, wife, son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother or grandchildren. The party must be paid for by the member or the member's own business. If the member is reimbursed for any portion of the party by non-members or a company other than their own, the party is considered to be a sponsored or non-member party.

Sponsored Party

All parties, programs, receptions, or other events that are not a "Member Party."  This includes charities, friends of members, etc.


Living Room 

Events up to 190 people, including the Living Room Porch.

Living Room Porch 

Events up to 50 people.


Events up to 30 people. Available for business meetings and other special occasions.

Windsor Room

Events up to 190 people (including the Terrace/Porch).

Windsor Room Porch

Events up to 50 people.


Events up to 240 people.