Members and their guests are requested to maintain the high standards expected at Westmoreland in and around the Clubhouse. Therefore, good taste and proper attire at all times in consideration of fellow members is a requirement.


Rules that relate to acceptable dress within the Clubhouse and adjacent areas (patios, pool, tennis), are to be interpreted as consistent with normal, top tier private country club standards of social acceptability, good taste and neatness. Members and guests are to be properly attired at all times, and be responsible for ensuring that children’s attire is equally presentable. Below are specific policies.

Denim pants are permitted between Labor Day and Memorial Day on the lower level of the Clubhouse, (except for in the Dining Room) with the exception of certain club events (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, etc.). Wearing denim while on the upper level of the Clubhouse, including entering the Club at the front door, is prohibited. The breezeway will serve as the only entrance into the Bar and Grill areas if one is wearing denim. During this off-season, denim will also be allowed in the locker rooms and pro shop. Denim must be worn in a style fitting to a private country club standard. It must be in good taste, neat and not have holes or a distressed/tattered appearance. It should be worn with a proper shirt or sweater and shoes. Denim material shirts and skirts are acceptable attire. It is the responsibility of the member to inform guests of the dress code policies of the Club.

Proper Golfing and Tennis Attire is allowed in the Clubhouse and Patios.

Swimming Apparel is limited to the pool and coming directly to and from the pool via the parking areas, outdoor walkway, breezeway and clubhouse locker rooms; members and guests are requested to use a cover-up when walking to and from the pool.

Hats (Men) are only allowed in the Locker Rooms, Outdoor Dining Areas and at the Pool. Bills must be worn forward (Men and Women).


Cell Phone Usage

Talking on cell phones is not permitted inside any building structure at Westmoreland (other than inside the phone booths in the front and lower lobbies). This includes, but is not limited to, the Clubhouse, Golf Shop, Tennis Shop, Bath House and Paddle House facilities. Cell phones should be placed on silent mode inside all building structures. The use of cell phones outside these structures is strongly discouraged.


Effective January 1, 2008 in accordance with the State of Illinois Smoking Ordinance, Westmoreland Country Club  prohibits smoking in enclosed structures at the Club. This extends to all outdoor dining areas. 

Personal Property

The Club shall not be responsible for the loss of property or for any other loss sustained by members or their guests while on Club premises.


Valet Parking

Westmoreland members enjoy the service of valet parking.  For car parkers, a standard tip of $4.00 under normal conditions is recommended. 

Members asking attendants to park their cars for them should leave the car at the front door with an attendant or near the entrance to the locker room if a space is available, and always leave the key in the ignition. In the event of a private event, the sponsoring member is responsible for insuring that the car parkers have received proper compensation.

Members and guests must always avoid parking in the No Parking zones and, unless qualified, in Disabled Parking zones as it violates local fire ordinances and detracts from the general appearance of the Club.

Members are encouraged to permit the attendants to park their cars and not park them themselves whenever car parkers are on duty and available.

Club Staff

Club policy prohibits the tipping of any Club employees or staff, except in certain situations for Caddies and Locker Room personnel.  The wages paid to Locker Room personnel are intended to compensate those staff members in full for standard, routine services provided to members and guests. Accordingly it is not expected that members would tip Locker Room personnel for such routine services (defined generally as those services associated with a moderate level of usage by the member). However, if the level of usage by the member exceeds a moderate level, or in situations in which the member entertains guests for golf, it is entirely appropriate for the member to tip Locker Room personnel commensurate with the services received. The annual Locker Room fees paid by members with locker privileges funds a substantial portion of the costs of operating the Locker Rooms, including employee wages.