Guest Procedures and Sign-In

Members having a guest for a particular day are responsible for entering the guest's name on the sign-up sheet, which is located at the entrance to the pool, and for the guest fee payment ($10.00).  A person may not be introduced for the privilege of using the recreational facilities of the Club more than five (5) times in acalendar year.  A member must accompany such guest or guests while they are present at the Club.

Diving Board/Plunge Slide

No double bouncing or running off the board. One diver at a time on the board. All dives must go straight off the board.

No horseplay on the board/plunge slide or in line waiting to use the board/plunge slide. All members are expected to follow pool rules and the direction of the pool staff.  The lifeguard staff will address individuals involved in horseplay and issue a warning.  Upon receiving a second warning, swimmers not following pool rules will be asked to leave the swimming area.  Make sure the previous diver has cleared the diving area prior to diving. All users of the slide must receive an all clear sign by the attending lifeguard prior to starting your plunge.

Use of the diving board/plunge slide is reserved for swimmers who can swim independently without the aid of any flotation devices.  Non-independent swimmers may use the diving board/plunge slide on the condition that a parent or supervising designee is IN THE WATER to assist the swimmer to the side of the pool.

The pool staff reserves the right to ask a member, any child of a member, or guest to demonstrate their ability to swim, so as to ensure that they can swim independently in the diving well.


Pool Operation

There will be a full-time guard on duty during the swimming time from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.  CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 10 SHOULD NOT BE LEFT UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME, and your cooperation in this effort is essential to the safety of the pool facility.

Infant Pool

Rules for the Infant Pool with safety precautions will be strictly enforced and include the following:

1. Age Limit - 5 years of age and under. NON-SWIMMERS ONLY.

2. Every child in the Infant Pool must be accompanied by an adult within the immediate Infant Pool Area.

3. All parents are expected to watch and monitor the activity of their child in the infant pool.