Westmoreland is one of the few country clubs on the North Shore to offer the fun and challenge of Skeet Shooting to its membership.  Using shotguns with various gauges, shooters aim at clay discs or "birds" mechanically discharged from locations on the field.  The only charges are for shotgun shells and targets.  A club gun is available at the warming trailer.

What is Skeet Shooting?

Skeet shooting began in the early 1900's as a means to practice field hunting skills.  The "birds" that are shot on the skeet  range are 4-1/2 diameter clay discs that look quite similar to a frisbee.  These targets are shot with 12, 20, 28 or .410 gauge shotguns.

The skeet field has eight "stations."  The field is arranged like the lower half of a clock, with station 1 at 9:00, station 2 at 8:00, station 3 at 7:00, etc.  Station 8 is at the midpoint between station 7 (3:00) and station 1 (9:00).

The birds are mechanically catapulted from two "houses" located at stations 1 and 7, and travel across the skeet field at roughly 50 miles per hour.  As the shooter progresses from station 1 through station 8, he/she is presented with 24 different shot combinations.  A 25th "option" target takes care of the last shell in the box, and gives the shooter a second chance in the unlikely event that he/she misses any of the other 24 targets.

Skeet requires concentration, good hand-eye coordination, and above all, a sense of humor.  It's not at all easy, but it is an awful lot of fun.


Who may participate in Skeet Shooting?

All members of Westmoreland are welcome at the skeet range.  Shooting members are more than eager to acquaint guests with the particulars of skeet.

Season and Shooting Hours

The skeet season opens the last Saturday in November, and closes on a date set by the Board of Directors - generally the last Saturday of March. Range hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., every Saturday during the season, excluding holidays.


There is a per round charge to cover the cost of materials used.  Members may furnish their own shells or they may be purchased from the Club inventory.  Members having guests are responsible for entering the guest's name on the sign-up sheet. A $10 guest fee will be charged. A person may not be introduced for the privilege of using the recreational facilities of the Club more than five (5) times in acalendar year.  A member must accompany such guest or guests while they are present at the Club.